Shashi Shekher

Currently the Editor-in-Chief of Hindustan newspaper, Mr. Shekher has over 36 years of experience in leading newspaper, audio-visual and online media. he began my career in journalism with Hindi daily Aj and was instrumental in its growth. For Aaj Tak he played a key role in shaping its news content, in Amar Ujala, he ensured its success in Northern India and I am now executing expansion in Dainik Hindustan, with my efforts and vision. 

He is a prolific writer, having 5 books published in his name, and also host TV programs on urgent issues. Additionally, he introduced the concept of Input and Output model in print media and launched the maximum number of editions in Aj, Amar Ujala, and Hindustan. 

Seeing the generic dissatisfaction among citizens with the political framework, he started off campaigns like ‘Aao Rajneeti Karen’ and ‘Rajneeti Khatam Kaam Shuru’. It addressed concerns like low voter turnout due to lack of trust in the political system. This campaign was a huge success in the states of UP, Uttrakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand and a record number of 15 million people were mobilized for new voter registration in that region during the first phase of the campaign – (2012 Vidhan Sabha elections of UP). 

Campaign ‘Nainon Ke Dweep Jalao’ targeted the visually impaired population, and was a humble but urgent attempt at sourcing retina from hospital eye banks; resulting in 36 eyes being sourced and implanted on patients in just 3 months; thereby touching these lives towards vision – (Diwali 2014 Hindustan edition in Meerut and its surrounding areas).